‘Extremely Dangerous’ Hurricane Irma Could Hit Florida. Here’s What to Know

‘Extremely Dangerous’ Hurricane Irma Could Hit Florida. Here’s What to Know

While Texas and Louisiana are as yet reeling from the impacts of Hurricane Harvey, another overwhelming tempest might be en route to the United States: Hurricane Irma.

The present way of Hurricane Irma goes crosswise over Antigua, the Virgin and Caribbean Islands before potentially moving in the direction of the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and southern Florida in the not so distant future. Gov. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) has effectively announced a highly sensitive situation for the Sunshine State, posting on Twitter Tuesday that President Donald Trump has offered full government assets. Scott said he enacted 100 National Guard individuals, in addition to another 7,000 accessible for Friday morning, too.

How enormous is Hurricane Irma?

Irma is a “to a great degree unsafe” Category 5 tropical storm, with twists now coming to up to 185 miles for every hour—a tie for the second most grounded Atlantic sea tempest on record, as per AccuWeather. It is at present finished the Atlantic, around 270 miles east of Antigua and Barbuda, and it is traveling west over the Caribbean at a normal speed of around 14 miles for every hour.

The tempest is on track to pass Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis and Anguilla late Tuesday or early Wednesday, and after that disregard the Leeward Islands — a gathering of islands in the West Indies, east of Puerto Rico — early Wednesday. It is then anticipated to influence the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico on Wednesday evening. After that it could move in the direction of the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, and afterward Florida.

Specialists have cautioned that the tempest could make up to 10 inches (25 centimeters) of rain, cause avalanches and glimmer surges and create floods of up to 23 feet (seven meters) over the district, the Associated Press reports.

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