‘Mad Pooper’ Runner Terrorizing Family by Defecating on Their Sidewalk: ‘I’m Begging You, Please Stop’

‘Mad Pooper’ Runner Terrorizing Family by Defecating on Their Sidewalk: ‘I’m Begging You, Please Stop’

A Colorado Springs family is looking for a sprinter they nicknamed the “Frantic Pooper” after she over and over crapped on the walkway before their home.

Cathy Budde and her children initially observed her taking a lavatory break on their property around seven weeks back.

“They came in shouting, ‘You’re not going to trust this!’ ” Budde tells KKTV. “They’re similar to, ‘There’s a woman taking a crap!’ So I come outside and I resembled, ‘Would you say you are not kidding? Are you truly taking a crap before my children?’ and she resembles, ‘Better believe it. Sorry.’ ”

“I thought for beyond any doubt she’s embarrassed, it was a mischance, she’ll go get a puppy sack, tidy it up, and never keep running here until the end of time. Not the situation.”

Budde says that the lady is doing it deliberately, and comes arranged with napkins in her pockets.

“Two different circumstances we’ve gotten her—got her yesterday—she switched up her chance a tad bit since she knew I was watching,” Budde says.

Budde chuckled while retelling the story, yet she has reached the Colorado Springs Police Department, who requesting that her photo the lady and offer the photographs in the expectations of following her down. They say the lady could be captured for revolting presentation and open poo.

Other individuals around the local area have since connected with Budde, and said that they’ve seen the sprinter pooping outside of a Walgreens and in their terraces.

Budde has likewise posted a sign outside her home requesting that the lady stop, yet it hasn’t had any kind of effect.

“I put a sign on the divider that resembles ‘kindly I’m beseeching you, please stop.’ … She kept running by it like 15 times yesterday, she still crapped,” Budde says.

The family is asking why the sprinter picked their home.

“There’s a washroom appropriate here over the road, our stop has port-a-potties, there’s a service station ideal here,” Budde says. “There’s a lot of open restrooms not as much as a piece far from where she’s focusing on. This is purposeful.”

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